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South India is a region of India with its own character. Anyone who imagines that the crowded streets of Delhi seen on television encapsulate India as a whole will be surprised by the relaxed far south of India. The region is also known for its unique architecture and culture, with dance and literature that differ, often quite dramatically, from that of other regions in the country. The independent literary traditions of the region stretch back as far as 2,500 years. Culinary traditions are also distinct from other parts of India, with many types of food being prepared, both traditional and more recent inventions. The Malabar coast’s higher proportion of non-Hindu groups means that non-vegetarian cuisine is more popular, for instance.

Newmarket HolidaysSouth India may not yet be as widely known as some other regions of India. However, the region’s tropical, idyllic and remarkable beaches are just two of the reasons why the natural beauty and fascinating culture of South India is drawing more travellers to explore this region of India. Kerala’s backwaters stretch through that South Indian state like labyrinths. Traditional houseboats that have been navigating those waters for a long time have become increasingly attractive to tourists as a way to explore the state’s gorgeous environment. Tea and spice plantations are everywhere, including South India’s famous hill stations.

South India does offer its urban pleasures as well. Kochi, the city formerly known by the colonial name of Cochin, lies between Kerala’s restful backwaters and the legendary waters of the Arabian sea. In old Kochi there are many historic colonial buildings with distinct European flavour. For a taste of more uniquely South Indian culture, one may take in a Kathakali dance. This performance is a traditional South Indian experience like no other. Further encounters with the remarkable tradition of Hinduism as practiced in South India can be found in Madurai, which features temples with distinctly South Indian architecture. As in any sacred city, there are opportunities to see Hindu ceremonies as well.

To explore the beauty of nature, few better choices exist than the Kettuvallam houseboats that float along the backwaters. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary features such exotic and magnificent animals as tigers, leopards, and elephants, and the idyllic quality of the Munnar hill station, where tea-growing is abundant, will not be easily forgotten.

Newmarket Holidays is offering escorted holidays to the region, covering many of the highlights mentioned above.


Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam | Newmarket Holidays

Indochina is so named because the countries in the region have absorbed influences from both China and India. Further colonial influences are visible, but the cultures of these countries are influenced primarily by India and China. The countries of Indochina, including Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, feature a dazzling combination of the rural and idyllic and bustling metropolises. These are vibrant countries and essential places to visit for any kind of traveller. An escorted holiday is an excellent way to encounter the stunning vibrancy of the Indochina’s places and cultures. Highlights will be covered and comfortable travel arrangements made while tour managers ensure that travellers get the most they can out of visiting these countries.

Newmarket HolidaysBangkok, the Thai capital, is truly one of the world’s most exciting cities: colourful, thriving and vibrant. The city features many historical sites, including important Buddhist temples. Thailand is predominantly Buddhist in religious orientation, and opportunities abound to explore the unique and fascinating cultural practices of that tradition. In Bangkok, one can find Thailand’s essence, ranging from the ancient to the modern and into the future.

The country of Cambodia offers travellers the opportunity to see phenomenal historical sites, such as Angkor Wat. One will also want to explore the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh, which encapsulates examples of Cambodian history in all its variety. As the cultural centre of the country, Phnom Penh is a distillation of Cambodia as a whole. The Royal Palace is one of the most remarkable architectural sites in the country.

The rural, idyllic character of Indochina is best experienced in the Mekong Delta, a region which features remarkable natural beauty. One will find an endless variety of flora, and see rice paddies and floating markets in which traditional rural life continues uninterrupted by the modern world.

Some of the most beautiful sites in Indochina can be found in Vietnam, a country which has experienced cultural influences from all around the world. The natural beauty of Vietnam is but one facet of the experience, as Vietnamese cuisine is known around the world and the culture is fascinatingly varied. Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, remains a remarkable city, in which the new Vietnam mixes with reminders of French colonial presence. Vietnam’s culture is primarily influenced by Chinese culture, but has both Western and other Asian influences as well.

Newmarket Holidays offers escorted holidays to these three Indochinese countries, known for their remarkable beauty and fascinating cultures.

Croatia | Newmarket Holidays

Croatia is one of Europe’s more unique and interesting countries. It is becoming increasingly popular with travellers,  due to both its continuing prosperity, peace and development and  to word getting out regarding its delights, both urban and natural. It is now the world’s eighteenth most popular destination for recreational travellers. While most of the visitors to Croatia are from neighbouring countries, Croatia is increasingly becoming attractive to visitors from farther away as well. The rising popularity of Croatia as a destination for travellers from around the world reflects the Croatian government’s increasing efforts to preserve and support Croatian history and culture and to help the rest of the world discover the country’s beauty. Many of the country’s waters are protected and unpolluted, and Croatia has many UNESCO-listed sites.

Newmarket HolidaysCroatia is situated on the Mediterranean, thus absorbing many of the cultural traits of the coastal region, while also featuring distinctive elements of Central and Southern Europe. Historically speaking, Croatia has absorbed cultural influences from both the East and the West, making for a vibrant and fascinating country with much to offer travellers. The country is also known for a comfortable and pleasant climate, continental in much of the country and Mediterranean nearer the coast.

The resort of Drevnik is a typical Croatian destination for travellers looking to indulge on the Makarska Riviera. From Drevnik, one can see the islands of Korcula and Hvar. For a more urban experience of Croatia, the city of Split is certainly a good option, with its vibrancy, remarkable old town and the ruins of Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace. Trogir, a walled island city, is another worthy destination. Heading south, travellers will find pleasure in historic Mostar before reaching Dubrovnik or one of the villages nearby, many of which make ideal bases for ventures into Dubrovnik’s Old Town and to see its ancient city walls. The country of Montenegro is not far away, allowing for a day trip to discover wonders such as the Bay of Kotor, which is listed by UNESCO.

An escorted holiday to Croatia is one of the better ways to discover the country. Escorted holidays such as those offered by Newmarket Holidays enable travellers to get the most out of their journey by offering them the services of a tour manager to help them better understand the culture and history of Croatia. Their holidays offer genuine value for money, with comfortable accommodation and fascinating tours.

Istanbul and Historic Turkey | Newmarket Holidays

Turkey is one of the world’s most fascinating and diverse countries, combining the European with the Asian and featuring astonishing historical sites, most notably from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. The capital city of Istanbul exemplifies Turkish history, traditions and culture, while also highlighting the country’s unique status at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. The country has been home to great empires and has absorbed the cultural influences of many different peoples and regions, leading to a modern Turkey that is developed and sophisticated while retaining its unique cultural identity. Considering the country’s geographical position, it is hardly surprising that Turkey’s climate, especially along the coast, is widely regarded as a pleasant escape for many travellers. The country is also home to numerous beautiful natural areas.

Newmarket HolidaysIstanbul enchants travellers with its historical landmarks, built while the city was capital of first the Byzantine and then the Ottoman empires. However, the city is also remarkable for its vitality and vibrancy. One may simply wander around after touring the historical sites of the city, but Istanbul also offers visitors high-quality dining and cultural experiences. Travellers may then leave Istanbul and travel through the notable Gallipoli peninsula, across the Dardanelles strait, reaching the centre of Aeolia – filled with historic landmarks such as ancient Troy. Bergama is the place to go to see the ruins of Pergamon, a major historical city noted for its ancient acropolis.

Of course, the Aegean Sea, with its blue waters, is a famous feature of Turkey and the Aegean’s coast has numerous resort towns such as Kusadasi. Kusadasi is one of the bustling resorts at which travellers can absorb some of Turkish coastal life in addition to resting and relaxing. Travellers may also want to venture to Pamukkale to enjoy the area’s wonderful and unique thermal cascades. To complete a good tour of the region, they might explore the ruins of the once great city of Ephesus, which have been preserved extremely well.

Newmarket Holidays offers escorted holidays to Turkey, covering Istanbul and many of the other delights described above. An escorted holiday will include comfortable accommodation, some with half-board arrangements, and will enable travellers to Turkey to become better acquainted with the history and culture of the country by means of a tour manager and local, knowledgeable guides.

Newmarket Holidays – Bustling Bangkok

The world famous city of Bangkok has a multitude of attractions for every visitor to enjoy. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, and is also the most populated city in the entire country. Nothing seems to slow down in Bangkok, the city itself has undergone major transformations in recent decades, and it is now one of the most visually stunning and advanced cities in the world – with skyscrapers and temples standing side by side. Bangkok is very overpopulated, and despite the introduction of the BTS rail service, travelling around the city itself can be slow and frustrating for the inexperienced traveller. There are so many things to see in Bangkok that to truly appreciate everything a first-time traveller must devote a lot of time to their visit or travel with a reputable tour operator, such as Newmarket Holidays. By choosing to travel this way, visitors can take advantage of expert tour managers and transport options, not to mention the knowledgeable advice and assistance on offer in relation to hotel location and value for money.

Newmarket HolidaysThe sheer size of Bangkok, and the number of people both visiting the city and living in the city, can make it a daunting place for even the most experienced of travellers. In order to utilise time efficiently, it is advisable to travel with a recognised tour operator who will help visitors travel between destinations efficiently, perhaps in the comfort of an executive coach, and can offer invaluable local knowledge through the services of an experienced, professional tour manager.

Organised excursions from major tour operators such as Newmarket Holidays include visits to the world famous Grand Palace and many of the most well-known temples dotted around the city. For those visitors that enjoy shopping, Bangkok has everything one could ask for, plus much more. From designer boutiques to stalls on street corners, Bangkok has something to suit every budget. There are restaurants and entertainment complexes aplenty, many renowned worldwide for their facilities and service, and for those wanting a more relaxing trip, a visit to a Thai spa is a must.

Christmas in Costa Brava | Newmarket Holidays

If you’re not looking forward to another grey, chilly winter, you might want to take advantage of Newmarket Holidays’ festive break to the Costa Brava. You’ll be able to enjoy a Christmas dinner, with all of the trimmings, in a beautiful hotel, whilst still wearing your summer clothes!

Newmarket HolidaysThe price of this Christmas break includes a visit to Barcelona, coach travel throughout the holiday, return Channel crossing, evening entertainment at your hotel, four nights’ accommodation with breakfast and dinner, and a four-course lunch on Christmas Day, and the services of the tour manager. In addition to all of this, the price also covers the en-route accommodation in France, and use of the leisure facilities at the Spanish hotel.

Travelling by coach, your journey will be broken up by a short stay in comfortable accommodation in France, before you spend four nights’ at the Caprici Verd Hotel. The Caprici Verd is located in the Santa Susanna resort, which lies in the very heart of the Costa Brava. Just a quick stroll from the town centre, and one hundred metres from the beach, this chic, modern hotel has over two hundred and sixty bedrooms, each of which comes with a telephone, a mini-bar, a safe, heating, a hairdryer and a satellite television.

The golden beaches, quaint fishing villages and rocky coves which can be found here are just as beautiful in the winter as they are during the summer. Better yet, you won’t have to face the crowds of tourists that bustle around this area throughout the high season!

Newmarket Holidays will arrange a full programme of activities and entertainment for you, including a special meal on Christmas Evening, a Gala Dinner of four courses on Christmas Day (with music and wine), and a trip to one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, Barcelona. During your visit there, you’ll have the chance to admire Gaudi’s spectacular work, La Sagrada Familia, and stroll around La Rambla and the Gothic Quarter. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase a few last-minute presents in one of Barcelona’s many boutiques, markets, and trinket shops.

On Christmas morning, you and your travel companions will be taken on an exploration of the ‘wild coast’, after which you’ll head back to the hotel for a festive feast. On Boxing Day, there’s another optional excursion, to the Montserrat monastery, which history buffs will love.

Taking a trip to the Isle of Wight | Newmarket Holidays

The Isle of Wight is a favourite holiday spot for many people, and with good reason, too: the quaint villages, lively resorts and stunning coastal scenery, all make for a very memorable break. Newmarket Holidays is currently offering trips to the Isle of White, which will allow you to explore the local area, and take part in a number of fun activities. Depending on what your chosen dates are, you will be based in either Sandown or Shanklin.

Newmarket Holidays

The latter is separated into three areas – the beach, the Esplanade and the Old Village – and the former is situated near Sandown Bay, with plenty of seafront cafes and shops nearby. The price of a break to the Isle of Wight includes a tour of Yarmouth and Alum Bay, return ferry crossings and coach travel, four nights of bed and breakfast, dinner in either the Tarvic Hotel or the Medehamstede Hotel, and a day trip to Godshill and Newport.

The tour of the island will take you from the east, through to the west, along the coastal road to Alum Bay, a spot which is known for its stunning views of the sea and its multi-coloured sands. If you’re not afraid of heights, you may even want to take a chairlift up over the beach, which will give you a chance to admire the lighthouse and The Needles.

The last stop of the tour is Yarmouth, a yachting haven that is home to a number of charming shops, as well as a beautiful castle and harbour. Another excursion not to be missed is the trip to Newport, the island’s capital, and Godshill village. At the end of this exploration, you and your travel companions will get to enjoy the Waltzing Waters: a musical, light-filled, water spectacular.

Newmarket Holidays also offers a number of optional excursions for their Isle of Wight break, one of which is a ride on the famous Steam Railway. You can take a seat in one of its train’s perfectly restored carriages, and watch as the unspoilt scenery of the island whizzes past you during this hour-long journey. In addition to this, you may want to book a trip to the Ventnor Botanical Gardens – a Victorian, sub-tropical space which is home to ten thousand exotic, rare plants from all over the world.

How Newmarket Holidays is helping customers find their ideal holiday

Some people are put off finding their dream holiday because they are worried about the planning involved or concerned about the expense. Many customers have found that it’s worth approaching a specialist tour operator such as Newmarket Holidays to arrange the whole trip for them.

Newmarket Holidays has been helping clients enjoy their ideal getaway since 1983. Customers who book their trip with Newmarket Holidays can expect value for money as well as excellent customer service to make the process as seamless as possible. Planning a holiday through a professional company can alleviate some of the stress which many people feel during the planning-process and allow the customer to concentrate on having a great time on their holiday.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays offers its customers a wide range of travel destinations, all departing from the UK. UK and Irish breaks are available for those wish to stay close to home, and on these customers can choose to explore Belfast and its Giant’s Causeway or head to the Scottish Highlands and take in the beautiful scenery.

Alternatively, for those who want a little sunshine in their getaway then Newmarket Holidays also offers travel to a variety of European destinations including Italy, Germany, Portugal, France and Croatia, to name but a few.

Customers who wish to go even further afield can take a once in a lifetime trip to China or India. Newmarket Holidays also has a variety of options for travel to the USA and Canada.

Holidays include excellent itineraries so that customers can truly explore their destination. Upon arrival, a Newmarket Holidays Tour Manager will be there to advise customers and point them in the right direction throughout the duration of their trip. For those seeking advice on the best things to see or a great place to eat, the Tour Manager is the person to ask.

Depending on the size and requirements of the party that is travelling, customers may wish to take advantage of Newmarket Holidays’ group, educational and sports travel divisions. This can allow the certain aspects of the trip to be tailored to meet the exact needs of the group.

Newmarket Holidays and its Customer Services Team make choosing a holiday easy. Customers can contact the Newmarket Holidays Customer Services Team who can answer any questions they might have and recommend the best trip for their requirements.