Newmarket Holidays – Lake Garda, Venice and Verona

Situated in Europe, yet a world away from Britain in cultural terms, Italy is a very desirable holiday destination. Newmarket Holidays listens to its customers, and the demand for holiday tours that visit this beautiful country is as high as ever. Newmarket Holidays is constantly reviewing its portfolio of tours, and currently includes one based at Lake Garda, from which travellers with Newmarket Holidays can explore the wonders of Venice, Verona and the surrounding areas.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays continues to offer sterling value to its customers on this tour by providing a choice of hotels to suit every budget. As with all Newmarket Holidays hotels, the accommodation has been carefully selected to ensure a high level of comfort, and that decent amenities are on site or close at hand. Flights to Italy from the UK are conveniently available from a range of airports across the country with reputable airlines.

Highlights of this Newmarket Holidays tour are many, not the least of which are the quaint alleyways and cobbled streets around the hotels themselves, all of which are just a short distance from Lake Garda itself. Aware that the Lake is one of the primary attractions, Newmarket Holidays has included in the trip a Grand Circular Lake Tour, which takes in a number of the stunningly attractive towns and villages that surround it, including enchanting Torbole and the pastel-washed Riva del Garda.

A short and comfortable coach ride away is Venice, and an excursion to this charming waterside city is included in the Newmarket Holidays tour. From arching bridges and iconic gondolas to the famous Rialto and the Bridge of Sighs, this day out with Newmarket Holidays will create memories to be treasured forever. The Newmarket Holidays Tour Manager has a wealth of knowledge to share with Newmarket Holidays travellers, and will share a fascinating insight into the city’s culture and heritage.

To complement the excursion to Venice, a further trip is included on this Newmarket Holidays tour.  Verona awaits, with its enigmatic Roman Amphitheatre and the Piazza Bra – a perfect spot for people-watching over a cup of strong Italian coffee. When Newmarket Holidays travellers are ready to try some exercise, a wander among the winding 13th-century streets of the city that was also the inspiration for the tale of “Romeo and Juliet” is an excellent option. Newmarket Holidays knows that the romance of Italy will captivate its clients. A final visit to the dramatic mountain landscape of the Dolomite mountains seals this tour from Newmarket Holidays as one to remember forever.

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