Newmarket Holidays | Christmas and New Year Destinations

Christmas is a great time of year to get away for a short break. Newmarket Holidays offers a diverse range of destinations and holiday methods for potential customers wanting to escape to idyllic locations such as the heart of the German valleys, or a to bit of late sun in Spain. Customers can choose from the air-inclusive destinations to Scottish Highlands or a number of coach pick-up holidays to the continent.

Newmarket Holidays also offers great operated tours for getting away at New Year’s. Travelling by coach with an award-winning company, customers can go to London, celebrating New Year’s Eve with a show in the evening and then take in the famous Newmarket Holidaysfestivities in the capital. Alternatively, Newmarket Holidays offers a further coach trip to join party-goers in Paris, either in the city itself or at the famous Disneyland amusement park. Finally, there is the option to spend New Year’s Eve on MS Olympia, Newmarket Holidays’ chartered vessel, as she cruises down the Rhine.

When customers decide to spend their Christmas on a holiday from Newmarket Holidays, they can rest assured that the accommodation chosen by the team will be able to provide a festive and enjoyable stay. The hotel will be chosen based on the ability to cater for both local traditions and English tastes, and as such Newmarket Holidays can offer a full Christmas dinner while away from home. Further to this, accommodation will be given for customers on a New Year’s break so that there is always somewhere to stay once the parties have finished.

Customers who choose either break option will be greeted and attended to by Newmarket Holidays’ professional and trained Tour Managers. The Tour Managers will have expert knowledge of the local area, customs and events to ensure that travellers can enjoy a special Christmas or New Year holiday. They are also on hand to answer any queries regarding accommodation, and to provide updates to itineraries to ensure that a holiday with Newmarket Holidays will be as hassle-free as possible.

Whether you’re escaping for a last chance of sunshine, for a countryside getaway to the Black Forest or on a trip to enjoy the revelries of a bustling cultural capital like London or Paris, then Newmarket Holidays will be able to cater a Festive holiday for most potential customers.

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