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France is a country that not only provides travellers with a top travel destination featuring Newmarket Holidaysmany notable sights, but can also surprise and delight with the unexpected but surely welcome. France is the third most populated country in Europe and the largest in the European Union. As a result, it can offer virtually everything a traveller could want. The Parisian lifestyle and atmosphere is world famous – visitors can dine at fine restaurants and bistros or enjoy the well-known French cafes. However, what will delight travellers about France is that it offers all that and more. There is a reason, after all, that many of France’s regions are top draws for visitors from Europe, the UK and across the world. France is one of only three countries in Europe that has coastlines on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. This is significant because it means that climates and landscapes in the country range from Alpine to Mediterranean, with rural vineyards and quaint towns as rewarding to travellers as major cities like Paris.

Of course, France also has an enthralling cultural and artistic history. In fact, it continues to be a centre for culture and the arts in Europe. One does not even need to go into a museum or gallery to experience this. Remarkable architecture ranging from the historical to the visionary lines the streets throughout France, and the atmosphere of the country is full of life and invention. Travellers sometimes forget that France is indeed quite large for a European country and has so much to offer that one trip is really not enough to take it all in. There is a significant level of diversity among the French regions, and one region can have a completely different character from another – a character that needs enough time to be appreciated.

A Parisian holiday is a must do for many people and is certainly justifiable. Especially in the summertime, visiting Paris can be an experience people remember for the rest of their life. Meanwhile, the French Riviera offers a completely different, though still distinctly French, experience. From the famous resort of Cannes to exceptional food and lovely views, the Riviera offers opportunities to rest and relax as well as much to explore.

Leading UK specialist tour operator Newmarket Holidays offers a number of escorted holidays to France, to various regions of the country.

Andalusia in Spain | Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket Holidays is offering its customers the chance to explore the fascinating, autonomous Spanish community of Andalusia. These journeys feature comfortable travel arrangements and accommodations and come complete with the services of a professional Tour Manager, as well as the company’s expertise in putting together itineraries that cover a destination’s real highlights. Moreover, customers can experience all this while getting real value for their money.

Andalusia is a particularly beautiful region of Spain, well-regarded as a travel destination. It is home to some of Spain’s greatest historical and cultural riches as well as some of its finest architecture. Granada’s Alhambra, Seville’s Gothic cathedral, and the famous Newmarket HolidaysMezquita in Cordoba are all stand-out structures that have delighted visitors for a very long time. Andalusia is also home to opportunities for rest and relaxation at coastal beach resorts like Malaga. The autonomous community is Spain’s most highly populated, and features several remarkable cities that are very unlikely to disappoint most travellers. The capital city, Seville, and the city of Granada are the most well-known, but other cities in the region are pleasant and fascinating as well.

This Spanish region is especially well-known for having been a Moorish stronghold in Spain’s Islamic past. While it ceased to be one centuries ago, the influences remain visible and have left behind fascinating history and incredible architecture that give a taste of historic Arabia without having to leave Europe. Numerous other cultures and empires have influenced the region as well. These include Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Phoenician histories as well as Romani and Iberian influences. Despite, or perhaps because of, this long and varied history, Andalusia is home to one of Spain’s strongest and richest cultural identities. In fact, when one thinks of Spanish culture, one is often thinking of Andalusia. From particular architectural styles to flamenco and bullfighting, Andalusia is about as Spanish as a visitor can expect.

The Alhambra Palace may just be the most famous of Andalusia’s many famous destinations. The palace dates back to the Islamic period and remains one of the world’s top architectural marvels. The region also features ancient Dolmen caves. The city of Seville is known for serving as inspiration for Bizet’s ‘Carmen’ and Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro’. The city also has one of the largest Christian Gothic structures in the world in its famed Cathedral. Visitors can also enjoy the Plaza de Toros, an ancient bullring.

New Zealand | Newmarket Holidays

As one of the last places on the planet to be settled, New Zealand is a place unlike any Newmarket Holidaysother. The unique, famous Maori culture permeates the islands that now also feature minorities of Asian and Pacific Islander descent as well as a European majority. This cultural mix makes for a cultural vibrancy that adds to the appeal of the stunning, unspoiled natural beauty of the islands. The country is particularly appealing to travellers because it combines the idyll of the Pacific and its one of a kind beauty with modern and developed infrastructure and cities. The geographical and cultural character of the North and South islands differ, but each region of New Zealand, let alone each island, has many sights to see and experiences to be had.

Although it is a modern and highly developed country, New Zealand is far from overpopulated. This is good news for travellers as it means that the country is not overdeveloped and has not had its natural beauty spoiled. Still, it retains urban appeal as well as rural; man-made fascinations as well as natural ones. As part of its long isolation, New Zealand developed vegetation and wildlife distinct from that found in the rest of the world. The topography of the country is also distinct, notable for rugged natural beauty as well as a wide diversity of terrain. It should come as no surprise that New Zealand was so isolated from the rest of the world and for so long –  it is, after all,  around 1,000 kilometres south of the Pacific islands of New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga.

Because New Zealand was first settled by the Maori and only a few centuries later by Europeans, travellers will find that they will encounter interesting and unique culture on the islands. They will also feel at home as Westerners while being able to witness and experience the unique culture of the Maoris, and also of the Asian and Pacific Islander minorities, and what they have contributed to the modern country that is New Zealand.

Leading UK travel specialist Newmarket Holidays offers escorted holidays to New Zealand that enables travellers to experience the best New Zealand has to offer culturally and in terms of nature. Customers will experience safe and comfortable travel, quality accommodations and enjoy the country itself, where bustling resorts and major cities are never far from beautiful natural landscapes.

Newmarket Holidays | Value-for-Money Escorted Holidays

Newmarket Holidays has become one of the United Kingdom’s top specialist tour operators, and the largest independently owned company of its kind in the country. As part of the Newmarket Group, Newmarket Holidays has been providing escorted travel arrangements that offer customers real value for money since 1983. This means that Newmarket Holidays can claim to have over three decades of experience in arranging satisfying, memorable and comfortable holidays to some of the top travel destinations in the world. Newmarket Holidays provides customers with escorted holidays to destinations in the UK, in Europe and farther away.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays has recently unveiled a collection of holidays called the Faraway Collection. These holidays are notable for taking customers to once in a lifetime destinations like Japan, India, New Zealand and China (among others). Newmarket Holidays has plenty of experience as a specialist tour operator and knows full well the real, personal value such a journey can have. The chance to explore such fascinating, beautiful and complex destinations should not be spoiled by inexperienced, poor planning, and that is why it is important to select an experienced tour operator such as Newmarket Holidays. The company knows that travellers want to see world famous places like the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, the Terracotta Army in China or the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It also understands the value of bringing such places to life with the help of a professional and friendly Tour Manager, so travellers get the most out of their holiday.

All of Newmarket Holidays’ escorted holidays, regardless of whether they are short coach trips within the UK, slightly longer coach holidays to countries like Belgium or longer journeys by plane, provide comfortable travel arrangements. Moreover, the company has excelled in partnering with well-established and well-regarded hotels in order to offer comfortable and relaxing accommodation. On top of that, Newmarket Holidays uses its experience to select the top highlights of a destination and create itineraries that allow customers to see the best a destination has to offer.

The faraway holidays collection provided by Newmarket Holidays includes non-stop direct flights when that is possible, and return flights at the very minimum. Newmarket Holidays works with widely known and reputable airlines to ensure the safety and comfort of customers. The Economy Class tickets come with meals and comfortable seats, ensuring that travellers reach their dream destination safely and comfortably.

Newmarket Holidays – Company objectives

Newmarket Holidays is an independent tour operator from the United Kingdom that specialises in escorted tours to destinations worldwide. Newmarket Holidays was formed in 1983, in order to provide its customers with first-class holidays at affordable prices. The staff at Newmarket Holidays have been chosen because of their dedication and Newmarket Holidayscommitment to customer service, and this is reflected in the way that each and every one of their escorted tours is operated. Newmarket Holidays has taken great care in planning its selection of escorted tours, both in terms of providing excellent accommodation and organising exciting itineraries that appeal to all of its customers.

Newmarket Holidays strives to offer its customers a stress-free experience from the very first point of contact. Staff work closely with customers to identify the most suitable tour from their range and offer advice and guidance in relation to the destinations themselves, and also information regarding travel arrangements. Newmarket Holidays is dedicated to being available to its customers from the initial discussion right through to after completion of the holiday. The team are on hand to answer any questions and deal with any issues or concerns that customers may have.

Before each of the tours begin, Travel Consultants from Newmarket Holidays contact each customer and advise them of their joining instructions. They offer comprehensive instructions and ensure that all of their customers fully understand the process of joining the tour at their chosen departure point.

The time during the tour is when the staff at Newmarket Holidays really excel. They are there at all times to offer advice and information, and to deal with any issues or problems that a customer may have. They put the interests of the customer first, and strive to enhance the experience of all customers during their holiday or break. The Tour Managers used by Newmarket Holidays have excellent knowledge of the destinations visited and are on hand to provide information in relation to a variety of aspects of each place visited.

Upon completion of the holiday or break, staff at Newmarket Holidays are able to advise customers how to keep in touch with future offers from the company via regular e-mail updates. They also welcome any feedback from customers in order to improve their services even further.

Newmarket Holidays – Air Holidays and Breaks

Newmarket Holidays is one of the largest independent tour operators in the United Kingdom. Their experienced staff members utilise all of their considerable knowledge and expertise to offer their customers first-class holidays at affordable prices. They pride themselves on excellent customer service at a reasonable price. Newmarket Holidays Newmarket Holidayscurrently offer holidays to destinations worldwide, and understand the need for relaxation and organisation. They take great care when choosing their itineraries, destinations and accommodation, in order to maximise the enjoyment and satisfaction of their customers.

Newmarket Holidays is renowned for its ability to offer escorted tours to customers wishing to visit places in an enjoyable, organised and efficient manner. One of the most popular services is in relation to air holidays and breaks. The team at Newmarket Holidays currently organise escorted tours to a plethora of destinations, ensuring that they have something to suit the needs of all of their customers. In addition to close to home destinations, such as UK and Ireland, Newmarket Holidays also offers breaks to mainland Europe, USA and Canada, together with more exotic, long-haul destinations.

The need for excellent customer service within the travel industry is not lost on the staff at Newmarket Holidays. The Newmarket Team  is carefully trained, and boasts a wide range of areas of experience across all aspects of the industry, which ensures that customers receive knowledgeable and relevant information at all times. Newmarket Holidays understands the needs of its customers and welcomes any feedback or comments from past or present customers. The Team are aware of the need to constantly improve and evolve, and this is perhaps one of the reasons why Newmarket is continually one of the leading independent tour operators in the United Kingdom. At this year’s British Travel Awards, they have been nominated in five categories and will look to retain their award from last year, when they were chosen as the Best Tour Operator to the Italian Peninsula and Malta.

Newmarket Holidays can offer their customers stress-free travel options, sometimes from local airports to a whole host of destinations. They can even arrange one-day mini breaks to a variety of interesting places across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. They strive to ensure that they have something for everybody regardless of budget and individual preferences.

A tour of China’s most fascinating attractions | Newmarket Holidays

For many people, travelling to China and seeing all of its natural and manmade wonders, would be a dream come true. However, if you feel daunted by the thought of even trying to plan such a trip, you might want to look into taking an escorted tour of China’s top attractions with the UK-based group Newmarket Holidays. Almost every detail of the trips they offer is planned out for you, so the full requirements will consist of you simply booking a place, packing your things and enjoying the journey! In this article, we go through some of the main excursions included in this particular tour.

Newmarket HolidaysYour typical holiday to China will begin with a flight to Shanghai. When you arrive, your guide will meet you and take you to a hotel, where you will spend your first night. Once you have unpacked, you will then be taken on a fascinating tour of this incredible city, during which you’ll get to visit Pearl TV Tower, as well as the Shanghai History Museum, a place filled with fascinating artefacts. The next day, you and your travel companions will board a coach, which will take you to Suzhou, an ancient city, for one night. Famed for its silk trade and breathtaking architecture, Suzhou is perfect for both history buffs and shopaholics! Your trip of the city will include visits to the Silk Embroidery Institute and the Lingering Garden, as well as a cruise on the canal.

You will then board a train and head off to Beijing for a three-night, whirlwind tour of the city. The guided tour, arranged by Newmarket Holidays, will take you around the museums of Chinese History and the Revolution, as well as to the Great Hall of the People and Tiananmen Square. After the day is done, you’ll get to enjoy a wonderful Peking-duck feast. The next morning, the tour group will travel to Badaling, a place where the Great Wall of China has been carefully restored to its former glory.

During the afternoon, you will also have a chance to view the Birds’ Nest Stadium, which was constructed specifically for the Olympic Games five years ago. In the evening, you can either kick back and relax at your hotel, or go on an optional excursion to the Beijing Opera. On the seventh day, you’ll have the opportunity to take a rickshaw ride through the narrow streets of ‘Old Peking’s’ before you head off to Yichang port.

Exploring Hong Kong and Thailand | Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket HolidaysIf you’ve been searching for a budget-friendly way to see the sights of China and Thailand, you may want to consider booking the ‘Hong Kong and the Treasures of Thailand’ tour, via Newmarket Holidays. Here, we go through the details of this value-for-money trip in a little more detail.

After taking an overnight flight, via Dubai, to the city of Hong Kong, you will be transferred to your hotel in Kowloon, where you will stay for the next three nights. Over the course of your time here, you can participate in an optional guided tour, or simply explore the city independently.

If you opt for the former, your tour guide will help to bring the city to life, highlighting the most interesting attractions, and bringing you to the stalls of Stanley Market and the floating houseboat ‘city’ in Aberdeen. You can take the opportunity to wander around and admire the sights, as well as indulging in some retail therapy, and grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants which line the city’s streets.

The following day, there will be another optional excursion to Macau, a former Portuguese colony which is now a charming, quaint place, filled with cobbled streets and majestic Baroque churches. However, many customers of Newmarket Holidays are surprised to find that, within this very traditional-looking area, there are in fact over thirty casinos (this is why a lot of people refer to Macau as the south-east Asian version of Las Vegas!).

After another day of shopping and sightseeing, you’ll head to Bangkok, for a two night stay in a beautiful, central hotel. There will be a morning tour of the city, beginning on the Royal Island, a place which is home to the famous Emerald Buddha and Reclining Buddha statues, as well as several temples.

A cruise along the Khlong canal will allow you to soak up the stunning scenery and see famous sights such as the Grand Palace. During the evening, you can join the other travellers in the tour group for a traditional Thai ‘dinner and dance’ excursion. The next morning, there is yet another optional trip, to the markets of Damnoen Saduak, where you can admire the colourful produce in the floating markets and perhaps pick up a souvenir or two. After this, your tour guide to take you to the Rose Gardens, where you can enjoy a buffet lunch, before beginning your journey to Kanchanaburi, where you’ll be staying for two nights.


Discovering the sights and scenery of Indochina | Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket HolidaysFor those who want to explore Indochina, there’s no better way to go about it than by booking a tour with Newmarket Holidays. You can discover and explore the capital of Thailand – one of the world’s most vibrant, thriving cities – before heading off to beautiful Cambodia, where you’ll get to visit Phnom Penh and see the citadel of Angkor Thom.

The tour begins with a flight to Bangkok. When you land, you’ll be driven to your hotel, where you will stay for a total of three nights. After settling in and having a bite to eat, you will be taken on a guided tour of the capital, visiting famous sites, such as Royal Island, where you will find the beautiful temples Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaeo. In the evening, there will be a ‘Thai Dinner and Dance’ excursion, arranged by Newmarket Holidays.

The following day, you and your travel companions can opt to either explore the rest of the city at your own pace, or take part in an optional trip, through the city’s surrounding countryside. On the fourth day, there will be a visit to Damnoen Saduak, where the floating markets are located, and later in the afternoon you will be taken along to the stunning Rose Gardens. At this point, you can choose to head back to your hotel or take an optional cruise on the Khlong canal.

Day five of the tour will start off with an early morning trip to the Battambang, a beautiful Cambodian city that is surrounded by rivers and picturesque hilltop temples. Upon arrival, you’ll be served a lovely meal, after which you can rest and relax for the rest of the evening.

Day six of this tour will be one of the most memorable, with a trip on one of South East Asia’s Great Lakes, Tonlé Sap. During your boat ride, you will pass villages held up by stilts, as well as the colourful, bustling market town Siem Reap, until you eventually reach the Angkor Thom complex. The day will be rounded off with a traditional Cambodian dinner, after which you will be brought back to your hotel.

India’s Exotic South and Kerala | Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket Holidays offers a wide range of interesting tours to India, one of which is the ‘India’s Exotic South and Kerala’ trip. This allows you to explore one of the most beautiful parts of the country; a place filled with ancient temples and churches, tropical forests, traditional villages and stunning beaches. Day one of this tour begins with an overnight flight to Kochi (or Cochin, as it is sometimes called). Upon arrival at the local airport, your Tour Manager will meet up with you and transfer you by coach to your hotel.

The next day, there will be a guided tour of Cochin, including a trip to its famous port and the Mattancherry Palace, as well as a beautiful Jewish synagogue. A short ferry ride will then take you to Enrakulam; this area is filled with department stores, cinemas and high rises, which serve as a refreshing contrast to the traditional buildings of Cochin. After the day of touring has finished, you’ll be treated to a classic Kathakali performance – a bright, colourful spectacle that combines dance, music and painting.

Newmarket HolidaysThe fourth day will involve a short trip to Alleppey, considered to be the eastern version of Venice. Once you arrive, you’ll hop on board a houseboat, and take a gentle cruise along the Keralan canals, which are lined with temples, coconut groves and rice fields. As the sun begins to set, the houseboat chef will carry out a cooking demonstration and prepare a delicious, traditional meal for you to enjoy on board. Following this, there will be a guided walk through a nearby village.

Day five of the trip begins with a journey into the lush green countryside of Kerala. There will be a short stop in a traditional rubber plantation for lunch, after which you will continue travelling to Periyar, a district which is famed for its beautiful wildlife sanctuary. You and your travel companions will stay here for a couple of nights, during which time you’ll have the opportunity to explore the well-known Spice Plantation, as a tour guide teaches you all about the history of Indian spices and teas. On the sixth day, you can rest and relax in your hotel, or alternatively, take part in an optional excursion (arranged by Newmarket Holidays) to the above-mentioned wildlife sanctuary, where you’ll find elephants and exotic birds, as well as tigers and leopards.