Newmarket Holidays | Christmas and New Year Destinations

Christmas is a great time of year to get away for a short break. Newmarket Holidays offers a diverse range of destinations and holiday methods for potential customers wanting to escape to idyllic locations such as the heart of the German valleys, or a to bit of late sun in Spain. Customers can choose from the air-inclusive destinations to Scottish Highlands or a number of coach pick-up holidays to the continent.

Newmarket Holidays also offers great operated tours for getting away at New Year’s. Travelling by coach with an award-winning company, customers can go to London, celebrating New Year’s Eve with a show in the evening and then take in the famous Newmarket Holidaysfestivities in the capital. Alternatively, Newmarket Holidays offers a further coach trip to join party-goers in Paris, either in the city itself or at the famous Disneyland amusement park. Finally, there is the option to spend New Year’s Eve on MS Olympia, Newmarket Holidays’ chartered vessel, as she cruises down the Rhine.

When customers decide to spend their Christmas on a holiday from Newmarket Holidays, they can rest assured that the accommodation chosen by the team will be able to provide a festive and enjoyable stay. The hotel will be chosen based on the ability to cater for both local traditions and English tastes, and as such Newmarket Holidays can offer a full Christmas dinner while away from home. Further to this, accommodation will be given for customers on a New Year’s break so that there is always somewhere to stay once the parties have finished.

Customers who choose either break option will be greeted and attended to by Newmarket Holidays’ professional and trained Tour Managers. The Tour Managers will have expert knowledge of the local area, customs and events to ensure that travellers can enjoy a special Christmas or New Year holiday. They are also on hand to answer any queries regarding accommodation, and to provide updates to itineraries to ensure that a holiday with Newmarket Holidays will be as hassle-free as possible.

Whether you’re escaping for a last chance of sunshine, for a countryside getaway to the Black Forest or on a trip to enjoy the revelries of a bustling cultural capital like London or Paris, then Newmarket Holidays will be able to cater a Festive holiday for most potential customers.

Newmarket Holidays / Winter Sun in Cyprus

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays’ customers are able to enjoy great-value escorted trips to hundreds of locations across the planet, for either short breaks or full length holidays. Cyprus is just one of the many destinations Newmarket Holidays offers, and is the ideal location for UK travellers wishing to experience a touch of winter sunshine to shake away the blues. Newmarket Holidays provides trips to Cyprus for eight, eleven, fifteen or twenty-two days throughout the winter months. As Cyprus has one of the best climates in the Mediterranean, travellers can expect temperatures in the seventies even throughout November and January, and without the risk of the tropical storms that come with many winter sun destinations.

Each of the Newmarket Holidays trips to Cyprus gives travellers a choice of optional guided tours exploring the local area and revealing the history of the island. As with all Newmarket Holidays, a representative is on hand at all times to organise events and trips, answer any queries and generally provide information when required. Accommodation is provided through Newmarket Holidays in Paphos, the liveliest resort on the island and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Paphos itself boasts many historical attractions, visits to all of which are included in the optional Newmarket Holidays day tours. Travellers can visit the famous Paphos Mosaics or explore the Tombs of the Kings burial site, learn how to make Loukoumi, the Greek Cypriot version of Turkish Delight, or simply choose to relax on the white sand beaches and soak up some sunshine. Other optional Newmarket Holidays trips in Cyprus include a journey to Nicosia, the island’s capital, today divided by the ‘Green Line’ that separates Greek and Turkish Cyprus, or a visit to Mount Olympus.

As with all Newmarket holidays, the Winter Sun portfolio to Cyprus represents great balance between interesting and exciting experiences and affordability. With value for money at the heart of the Newmarket Holidays philosophy, customers are assured that they will return home feeling not only relaxed after their holiday and perhaps with a greater understanding of another culture, but also that the whole experience was money well spent.

Newmarket Holidays / Exploring Europe

The UK-based company Newmarket Holidays offers its customers the opportunity to explore hundreds of locations throughout the UK, Europe, Canada, the Americas and the East, by booking great-value escorted tours. For the past thirty years Newmarket Holidays has been building up a portfolio of guided trips that are carefully put together in order to provide customers with a huge range of options, each of which combines interesting and exciting experiences with affordability. The Newmarket Holidays European portfolio includes trips to Italy, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and many more destinations. Each Newmarket Holidays trip includes transfers and flight from a choice of UK airports, a Newmarket Holidays representative on hand throughout and a well-thought-out itinerary designed to ensure travellers get to see the very best of what their chosen country has to offer.

Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket Holidays’ customers may choose to explore the wonders of Turkey with either an eight- or twelve-day trip to Istanbul and beyond. The ancient city of Troy, the ruins of Ephesus and the famous Blue Mosque are all included in Newmarket Holidays guided tours, along with plenty of time to relax on the sand in Kusadasi at the Tusan Beach Resort.

For those looking to explore more modern history, the Newmarket Holidays tour to Berlin, Colditz and Dresden takes in a former POW camp from WW2 and the Checkpoint Charlie museum, which tells of life in the time of the Berlin Wall. Travellers are also afforded plenty of free time to stroll through the wooded glades of the Tiergarten, shop on the famous Kurfürstendamm or check out the Olympic stadium, and the Newmarket Holidays guide will be on hand to answer any questions or simply to point travellers in the right direction if required.

For those who prefer small, secluded beaches and traditional villages to city life, Newmarket Holidays offers a trip to Lisbon and the Estoril coast that takes in some of the most exclusive hidden beaches, quaint fishing villages, olive farms and wineries on the Portuguese shores. The Newmarket Holidays Lisbon tour has something for everyone, with options to visit the largest casino in Europe or to take a shopping trip to the bustling city of Cascais when things get a little too peaceful.

Newmarket Holidays / Discovery Cruises

The UK-based company Newmarket Holidays has been in operation for thirty years, offering customers great value escorted trips to hundreds of locations across the globe. Now Newmarket Holidays customers can enjoy the opportunity to take in the views from on deck, with a Discovery Cruise. The MV Discovery is a 20,000 tonne ship designed to comfortably accommodate up to 700 guests, making it small enough to feel intimate yet large enough to provide all the on board entertainment facilities that Newmarket Holidays customers require to keep them busy throughout their journey. The luxurious on board amenities include a choice of formal or casual restaurants, with all food costs absorbed into the price of the trip, a cinema, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a card room and much more. Newmarket Holidays is proud to be able to add the Discovery to its portfolio.

Newmarket HolidaysAlmost every Newmarket Holidays cruise on the Discovery begins with a Captain’s Welcome dinner in the Seven Continents Restaurant, and ends with a Farewell Party to send guests off in style. Throughout the cruise, travellers are given opportunities to disembark and explore numerous exotic locations, or to stay on board and take advantage of the many delights the ship itself has to offer. Optional cabin upgrades are available through Newmarket Holidays, which include complimentary wine, in-cabin breakfasts, ocean views, free bathrobes and slippers and much more. Evening entertainment comes in many forms, from dinner and dancing to a movie or bridge evening, live music or a choice of quiet, relaxed wine bars.

In cases where passengers are returned from their cruise to a different port than that at which they began, Newmarket Holidays provide coach travel as standard to return travellers to their chosen point. The fly-cruise option from Newmarket Holidays allows guests to fly out and meet the ship at a pre-decided point of the cruise. As with all Newmarket holidays, a representative will be on hand at all times to answer any questions or to deal with any issues which may arise. The Newmarket Holidays representative will also be able to offer various interesting snippets of information on the many destinations visited while on board the Discovery.

Newmarket Holidays / Escorted Trips to Exotic Destinations

Travelling abroad can be exciting and interesting, but it can also be quite daunting, especially when travelling to countries very different from our own with languages, cultures and customs we do not understand. Newmarket Holidays has been offering their customers great-value escorted tours to destinations throughout the UK, Europe, the US and Canada for many years, and more recently have added the Far East to their portfolio. One of the benefits of Newmarket Holidays over many other tour operators is that each trip includes a Newmarket Holidays representative who is fully versed in local traditions and customs to guide customers through the entire experience knowledgeably.

Newmarket Holidays

A Newmarket Holidays vacation to Japan offers travellers the opportunity to explore the heady mixture of ancient tradition and bustling modern life that epitomises the country. From the old wooden buildings, teahouses and exquisite restaurants in the historic geisha district of Gion, right through to the technological wonder that is modern Tokyo, the Discover Japan trip from Newmarket Holidays takes travellers on a journey through time that encompasses many aspects of both modern and traditional Japanese culture.

No trip to India would be complete without taking in the Taj Mahal, the tribute to beauty and love constructed at the behest of Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The Newmarket Holidays India, Tigers and Taj Mahal trip takes visitors to witness the soaring spires, iconic domes and glistening marble of this wonder of the world, before heading off to the former hunting grounds of Indian princes for some wildlife spotting that should include the chance to see the impressive and fearsome Bengal tiger. The Newmarket Holidays guide is on hand at all times in order to fill in travellers on the history of each location throughout the journey, and to assist with communication.

The Newmarket Holidays escorted tour to China takes travellers to another of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China, and to the ancient Forbidden City, home to countless generations of Emperors in Dynastic times. Guests choosing the Newmarket Holidays Best of China tour are also invited to explore Tiananmen Square, home to Chairman Mao’s mausoleum and site of the infamous protests of 1989 that included what has since become widely known as the June the Fourth Incident. The Newmarket Holidays representative will be well versed on Chinese history, and will be able to provide further information for those who desire it.

Newmarket Holidays / Best Holiday Company to the USA Nominee 2013

The prestigious British Travel Awards in 2013 have found tour operator Newmarket Holidays nominated for no less than five awards, including Best Customer Service and Best Holiday Company to the USA. Newmarket Holidays has scooped several awards in recent years as voted for by the public. This accreditation from those who have actually partaken in one of the many Newmarket Holidays goes to show what great value for money each trip really is. While Newmarket Holidays has been in operation since 1983, the USA as a destination is a far more recent addition to the portfolio, making it all the more exciting that it is up for the award this year.

Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket Holidays offers its customers numerous options for escorted tours to a variety of destinations throughout the USA, including New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York and Boston, New England, Washington and Hawaii. The beauty of a Newmarket Holidays trip to the USA, especially for first-timers, is that a representative from Newmarket Holidays is on hand at all times to provide local information, lead guided tours and answer any queries travellers may have. Each Newmarket Holidays representative is fully trained and has a wealth of knowledge regarding the local area, so is able to furnish guests with everything they need to know for the duration of the trip.

The team at Newmarket Holidays specialises in putting together great value for money holidays that combine unforgettable experiences with affordable prices. Every Newmarket Holidays trip to the US includes all transfers and flights from selected local airports, accommodation at a variety of star levels depending on the trip chosen, a Newmarket Holidays representative on hand for the duration and several day trips in order to fully experience all the area has to offer. The attention to detail and the quality of the additional side trips are just a couple of reasons given by Newmarket Holidays’ customers as to why they would choose to recommend the company to a friend or relative. With so many great destinations to choose from in the USA alone, it’s easy to see why Newmarket Holidays has been nominated for the British Travel Awards.

Newmarket Holidays | About Us

Operating since 1983, Newmarket Holidays has made a success in the holiday making business. The key term with Newmarket Holidays is value for money – the company offers a diverse range of holidays that are kept at a competitive price. This will appeal to many discerning travellers as a cost effective way of visiting the world.

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays offers fixed services that range from a three-day trip to the continent to a world-spanning, long-term holiday to the other side of the world. Specialising in guided coach tours, Newmarket Holidays has won accolades from the British Travel Awards in 2011 and 2012 for their excellent service. Customers can be guaranteed that, whichever escorted tour they pick, their holiday is in safe hands with an established tour holiday provider, Newmarket Holidays.

Before customers travel, they can get in touch with Newmarket Holidays’ team of Travel Consultants who are on hand to answer most questions a new traveller may have. All information will be supplied to new customers, in the form of the comprehensive Joining Instructions that will detail where the customer can join the holiday party. Any further queries can be made via the Newmarket Holidays website to ensure customers will have a hassle-free holiday.

While on a holiday or tour with Newmarket Holidays, the Tour Manager will be available at all times to meet the needs of all customers. They will be there to provide guidance on not just places to visit while on the tour but on questions regarding the accommodation or the trip’s itinerary. Essentially the Tour Manager is responsible for guaranteeing any holiday with Newmarket Holidays is enjoyable and that customers return to the company again and again for their holiday needs.

It is important to the team at Newmarket Holidays that customers stay in contact once their tour has finished and they have had an unforgettable holiday. Travellers can sign up to Newmarket Holidays’ email service, which provides updates on further getaways, or keep an eye on the company website, which is updated regularly with new tours that might catch the eye of returning customers.

All in all, Newmarket Holidays is a long-running company with plenty of experience. They deliver a professional, affordable and enjoyable range of operated tours and holidays, from one-night stays in London to three weeks in South East Asia.